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Weekday Events

We’ve have lots of new arrivals and have plenty of exiting things to during the week.

Daily Timetable:

11.15. Guinea Pig Feeding. (Petting Area)

11.30. Meet the Farmer (Animal Feeding). (Rare Breeds Barn)

12.00. Sheep Race. (Sheep Racing Arena)*

12.15. Meet the Farmer (Animal Feeding). (Roundhouse).

12.30. Ferret Race. (Ferret Racing Arena)*

13.00 – 13.30.  Milking Demonstration (Milking Parlour)

13.30. Sheep Race. (Sheep Racing Arena)*

14.00.  Meet the Farmer (Animal Feeding). (Rare Breeds Barn)*

14.15. Guinea Pig Feeding. (Petting Area)

14.30 Meet the Farmer (Animal Feeding) (Roundhouse)

14.30 – 15.00. Milking Demonstration (Milking Parlour)

15.00 Meet the Farmer (Animal Feeding)

15.30 Meet the Farmer (Animal Feeding)

The Petting Area is open from 11.00am  to 4.00pm.

All events weather permitting