An update on the reindeer

We've been getting so many requests for updates on our reindeer so join Farmer Darrell as he checks in with the herd. Wait until you see how big Roger has grown! Which animals would you like to see updates on next?

Photo of reindeer at Cannon Hall Farm

Checking in with reindeer Roger

Roger the reindeer is the first one we've had born at Cannon Hall Farm and it's been a real shock to us how quickly he's grown.

Even though it's summer, our reindeers are growing out their coats and developing their impressive antlers ready for more

Prince the Reindeer

Since our reindeer Prince appeared on The Yorkshire Vet a few weeks ago, we've been absolutely inundated with messages from people asking how he is doing. We are so pleased to say that our one-eyed elderly chap is making an amazing recovery and, even more

We’ve got a baby reindeer!

Spring might have sprung but the jingle bells are ringing at Cannon Hall Farm where we've welcomed our very first EVER baby reindeer.Dancer - one of Santa's most hard-working sleigh-pullers - has given birth and, trust us, you haven't ever seen anything more

Reindeer Catch Up

Our reindeer have a really fascinating development cycle and they are now at the point of losing their coats and growing new antlers.

But our female Dancer is still looking in fine fettle - so what makes her different from Dasher, Jeffrey and Prince?

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The Reindeer Rut

Farmer Darrell talks us through the reindeer rut where the reindeer drop their antlers - and he answers a very important point about Santa's reindeer.

Prince The Reindeer

Our reindeer Prince appeared on tonight's episode of The Yorkshire Vet and my, what a traumatic experience that was! In all our years of farming, we'd never experienced anything quite like that before.

Prince's recovery was very touch and go - and Farmer Robert was up through the night checking on him.

Just for kids: All about reindeer

Our next installment just for kids will look at our reindeer Jeffrey and Prince.

We will be taking you through some fascinating facts - and challenging you to draw a picture of them at home showing what you think they do to relax when they aren't pulling Santa's Sleigh.

Upload it to our Facebook page.

All aboard the Reindeer Express!

Dancer and Prancer the Reindeer have temporarily moved in with us at Cannon Hall Farm - and they are the star of the show on our daily tractor ride.

We've really made every single effort to make our your visit one that is full of festive family memories.We still have some tickets left for this weekend but they are going fast.

Prince and Jeffrey

Prince and Jeffrey are hanging on to their antlers thanks to an unseasonably warm Autumn - do what does that mean for our reindeer old fellas?

Farmer Dale is keeping an eye on them and checking in with our magnificent pair.

Photo of Santa Claus

Santa’s Magic Key @ Cannon Hall Farm

Believe in the magic of Christmas with Cannon Hall Farm’s enchanting new festive experience.

We’ve completely overhauled our festive offering to bring a completely new event that’s guaranteed to leave the whole family feeling full to the brim with more

Children's Parties

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday in style at Cannon Hall Farm and take advantage of the very best our site has to offer.

We are thrilled to announce that our popular birthday party packages are back. They prove to be great value as include food and farm admission. Read on more