Join us as night falls on Cannon Hall Farm and we check in with our favourite farmers – with our pals Jules Hudson and Peter Wright, from The Yorkshire Vet.
Pull up a chair in the comfort of your own living room and join us as we broadcast live.
The intimate broadcast will be filmed in our barns, giving the ambience of our family farm, and will include an insight into what life has been like at Cannon Hall Farm so far this year.
For Jules and Peter they will be discussing what they most enjoy about our family farm plus any particular stand out stories they are fond of.  
Jules – who we’ve adopted as part of our team after meeting him on This Week on the Farm and Springtime on the Farm – will be leading the questions and finding out the inside scoop.
This online event is expected to last one hour and is perfect for those customers who live too far away to visit.
Please don’t forget that this is an ONLINE event only and is not valid for farm admission.
You get exclusive access to view this broadcast via your Facebook account – it can be watched back at any time.

Event date

June 18th 2022