THE racing sheep at Cannon Hall Farm are in training to tackle a race against TV presenters for charity.

Look North legend Harry Gration and weatherman Paul Hudson are doing a three-legged challenge for BBC Sport Relief – they will be walking 120 miles across Yorkshire with their legs strapped together.

And they be coming to our farm on Friday (March 11) with a specially-tabled race against our famous racing sheep which include champions Red Ram and Sherbaa.

Farmer Robert Nicholson said: “We’ve had sheep racing at the farm for about five years now, and it’s interesting the way it came about.

“We went into the fields and we just noticed one day how fast they used to run – almost like they were racing each other. We spotted a few potential champs in there so we thought we’d build them a track with jumps to race on properly.

“I don’t fancy the lads chances to be honest but it’s for charity so we might give them a bit of a handicap.”

The TV presenters will be racing the sheep between 12.30 and 1pm on March 11 in the Sheep Racing Enclosure.

Farm entry is £5.95 today.