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New breed of Gllama

AN EXOTIC breed of animal - fondly known as a gllama - has had a baby at Cannon Hall Farm.

Philippa the goat has been having an identity crisis for years and is convinced she’s a llama - so the farm have named her an honorary new breed of ‘gllama’ and have more

Hello Flower Teeshirt Launch!

Hello Flower! Wear one of Cannon Hall Farm's Facebook-famous slogans with pride.

If you tune in to our live broadcasts, you will have heard our Farmer Robert - start of Channel 5 TV show This Week On the Farm - remark 'Hello, Flower' to every new baby more

Eat Out to Help Out

We are thrilled to reveal we are taking part in the government's Eat Out To Help Out Scheme - which means customers will get up to a 50 per cent discount on their food bills.

You do not need a voucher to use this scheme and there is no minimum spend. You also do more

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Animals and Farmers

Pony Hadley is teething

Pony Hadley is teething and just like any toddler has taken to chewing anything he can get remotely close to – which includes Farmer Dale. Join us as we check in on … read more

Animals and Farmers

Our piglets

If you visit us at Cannon Hall Farm this week, you will see there’s plenty of new arrivals, including the cutest litter of piglets. Join Farmer Darrell as he provides more fascinating … read more

Animals and Farmers

Philippa had a baby!

Philippa our Gllama has had her baby – but because she thinks she’s a llama we have left her with her pals. She lives as one of the llama pack and so … read more

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