Winter on the Farm: Our New Arrival!

We are thrilled and delighted to introduce our newest arrival – our wonky-legged donkey who will be appearing on Monday night’s Winter on the Farm TV show. Join Farmers Rob and Dave as they share what happened behind the scenes… Make sure you tune in every night Channel 5 at 8pm for #winteronthefarm.

Two new litters of piglets

We’ve had two huge litters of piglets born at the same time at Cannon Hall Farm … read more

Weighing day for Fergus

Fergus our adult boa constrictor – the heaviest reptile we have – is being weighed today, … read more

A live lambing: by drone

Technology never fails to amaze us – in lockdown it allowed us to connect to like-minded … read more

Time for a Pedicure

It’s pedicure time for our goats as Farmer Alex heads into the roundhouse to trim their … read more


Miniature Donkeys

Will this video break the internet? Make sure you tune in as Farmers Alex and Darrell introduce our miniature donkey foals to grass for the first time. We don’t think we’ve every … read more

Alpaca eating hay

Barbara’s Baby : The Name Reveal

Our alpaca Barbara’s baby is the most eye-catching new arrival we’ve had for some time, with her distinctive white coat and baby blue eyes. We had thousands of names suggested for her … read more

The Big Clean Up

As Farmer Kate says, her job is not just about the cute and the cuddly. One thing she has to do is make sure all our reptile pens are spotlessly clean, but … read more

Meerkat Feeding Enrichment

We’ve saved some pumpkins to give the animals a super special treat – and Farmer Kate has been hard at work creating some enrichment challenges for our meerkats.What the fascinating interaction between … read more

Farmer Kate and Rob

Farmer Kate checks in with one of our most popular alpacas, little Rob. Join them as they go for a walk around the farmyard – we are training him on the headcollar … read more

Farmer Charlotte and Panda

She was one of our most famous lambs of the 2020 season – but where is Panda now?Join Farmer Charlotte as we check in on this absolutely unmistakeable sheep and her amazing … read more

Setting up our mammal house

Here at the farm, our team of builders have been hard at work creating our brand new attraction. Work has finally progressed enough for us to start preparing some of the enclosures, … read more

A big day for little Noddy

Noddy the Pygmy goat didn’t have the easiest start in life but he has quite quickly become a handsome young billy. Lately, he’s been giving lots of attention to our Boer goats … read more

It’s a mucky job, but someone has to do it!

Our pigs have a bit of a reputation for being smelly, but Farmer Darrell doesn’t think they’re too bad, he’s here to tell us about a very mucky but very important job … read more