Animals and Farmers

Lilibet is soon to be a mum!

Lilibet our Highland calf has come full circle and is expecting a calf of her own – we’re all a little bit nervous, because it’s her first time of being a mum. Murphy is the dad – and Lilibet is Fern’s daughter, so it will be so interesting to see what happens.

Animals and Farmers

Introducing our new baby donkey!

Cynthia, our donkey, has had her foal – this little fella is absolutely the spitting image … read more

Animals and Farmers

She’s a Diamond!

It’s a beautiful sunrise at Cannon Hall Farm as we check in with our Shetlands Casey, … read more

Animals and Farmers

Zander the Alpaca!

It has been quite a bit of time since we checked in on our male alpaca, … read more

Animals and Farmers

Spilling the tea on Biscuit!

Farmer Dale is checking in with the goats in the roundhouse at Cannon Hall Farm – where a change is afoot for our goat Biscuit.

Animals and Farmers

Moving the sheep!

The ground conditions are very wet so it’s up to Farmer Dave to make sure our ewes have a fresh bite – so it’s time to move the sheep to fresh pastures.

Animals and Farmers

Brooke is settling in!

Farmer Ruth is with Brooke the Shire who is a bit mucky thanks to all the rain. She’s making firm friends with Rosie and Blossom and they’ve decided who gets to be … read more

Animals and Farmers

Checking in on Murphy!

Farmer Dale is checking in with our brindle Highland bull Murphy who is wintering with the beautiful ladies, Bonnie and Lilibet. He’s showing everyone who is boss at the hay feeders.

The Goat Playground

Allow us to brighten up a very grey November morning where our goat kids are having fun on their very own playgrounds at Cannon Hall Farm.

Animals and Farmers

Farewell our friends!

Even though Farmer Rob thinks miniature donkeys equal happiness, it’s time to say farewell to two of our favourites. We’d love to be able to keep every animal born at Cannon Hall … read more

Animals and Farmers

A Litter of Piglets!

Farmer Darrell is down in our farrowing houses where one of our sows has had a whopping 19 piglets. She’s a keen mum – but will she be able to feed them … read more

News and Events

Preparing for Spring – Cannon Hall Farm

It’s an exciting day for our tups are we start preparing for Spring – and our Dutch-spotted pedigree rams are raddled and ready. Join Farmer Rob and Dave as we start the … read more

The next steps for Herkules!

It’s a heartbreaking time as we bid a so long for now to Herkules our shire horse. It’s exam time as he heads off to the experts to be graded and trained … read more