The ferrets new home

Our ferrets may be tiny but they have big personalities and they are moving into a brand new enclosure.We’ve been busy through lockdown creating our new welcoming animal enclosure – they have an underground space, an alfresco dining platform, and plenty of space to see visitors.Don’t forget we have reopened but all tickets have to … read more

Pip the Sheepdog

Our sheepdog Pip has found the perfect training partners in some of our older, rare breed … read more

Philippa’s had babies

Philippa our Gllama has had us all conned – she’s always made out like she prefers … read more

Walking Helen the Alpaca

Some people walk a dog – Farmer Kate walks Helen the alpaca. When Helen was born, … read more

The ‘teenage’ Alpacas

Our alpaca herd has been taken over by the ‘teenagers’ Helen, Alpaca Chino and Shannon – … read more

Fern’s new baby (Highland Calf)

Fern has had her baby but unfortunately it is not all smooth sailing.The new calf is absolutely adorable but can’t quite get the hang of feeding which is putting its welfare in … read more

Farmer Kate’s Live Lambing

Farmer Kate was on duty in the roundhouse when she spotted a ewe in distress…and it quickly became apparent she would be unable to deliver her lambs without assistance. Can Farmer Kate … read more

Rex the Asian Water Monitor

Unfortunately our reptile house has had to remain closed for quite some time – but that doesn’t stop us celebrating the amazing creatures within. Join Farmer Kate as we check in with … read more

Millie and Primrose’s Playground

Millie and Primrose finally have their very own playground – thanks to Rob the Joiner. Tune in to find what happened when the play area was first installed – what did our … read more

Live triplet lambing

Farmer Dale does two broadcasts a week for our supporter network (which costs just £3.49 a month to subscribe to) but we thought we’d share this amazing clip so you can see … read more

Reindeer Catch Up

Our reindeer have a really fascinating development cycle and they are now at the point of losing their coats and growing new antlers. But our female Dancer is still looking in fine … read more

The bygmy goats

It’s Farmer Darrell and the ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ Cluedo as he explores who could be responsible for our surprise ‘bygmy’ goats that arrived a few weeks ago. Our boer goats kidded and … read more

The goat playground

Our goat playground is world famous and it has certainly developed since we started out with some cable reels and old boards. During lockdown our on site joinery team have spent their … read more

Lambing Outside

For the first time in a long time, this year we decided to lamb our Herdwicks outside in the Picasso Field.As a breed they are clever and hardy – and while we’d … read more