Rita E’Ora

If you’ve been to the farm recently, you may have spotted a familiar face in the old milking parlour. Rita Eyora, our miniature donkey foal born last year, is all grown up and spending some time with another young filly. She’s still learning the ropes of the big, wide adult donkey world but is doing … read more

Boer Goats

In springtime, loads of little pygmy goat kids were born, but now the sun is shining; … read more

Harriet the Shetland

Our Shetland Pony foal Harriet is tiny but mighty – but she’s somewhat outnumbered by the … read more

Farmer Dave Shearing

Summertime means shearing time and all of our 400 sheep have had their fleeces clipped for … read more

Womble the Long-eared Hedgehog

Womble, our long-eared hedgehog, is proving to be one of the more popular residents in our … read more

Our alpacas have been sheared

Our alpacas have been sheared and look quite different – you can really see how small they actually are. Shakira is super relieved with her haircut this year – after the legendary … read more

Our ant colony

We’ve got 15,000 new guests in our reptile house – with our new ant colony who have been busy building their tunnel systems and nest chambers. Training has begun to teach the … read more

Protecting Prince the Reindeer

Whenever it is sunny, there’s one of our animals who needs a bit of extra care. Prince the Reindeer has a white coat, which means he’s more easily burned than the rest … read more

Gary the Donkey

Join Farmer Dale as he drops in on Gary the donkey and the rest of the donkeys who are living their best lives in the beautiful rolling fields of Cannon Hall Farm. … read more

Our Shetland ponies!

All three of our Shetland Ponies have finally given birth, which means it’s time to head out to the fields. It’s the first time our Shetland foals Orange, Harriet and Tony have … read more

Checking on the Shetlands

Farmer Dale checks in on our gorgeous Shetland ponies – we weren’t sure a few months ago if all the foals would arrive safely, but we are thrilled to have three healthy … read more

Meerkat Ice Pops

It’s getting hot out there but our farm team are ready – they’ve been making special ice lollies for all our animals to enjoy. And they went down a storm with the … read more

A Great Yorkshire Show Adventure

Our Highland cows Ted and Hetty really did us proud at the Great Yorkshire Show – and their success really was a team effort. Farmer Dale filmed this amazing behind the scenes … read more

Orchid and Rosie – Great Yorkshire Show

We are so proud of our Shires Orchid and Rosie, who has made her debut in the show ring at The Great Yorkshire Show. We hope you enjoyed watching their adventures on … read more