Spike and Winnie

Spike our Cape Porcupine recently settled down with Winnie who arrived just a few months ago. We have been crossing our fingers in the hope that we may soon hear the pitter-patter of tiny porcupet feet but until very recently their relationship seemed rather spiky. Have things taken a turn in the right direction? Here’s … read more

The pygmy goat surprised us!

We’ve had a really surprising few weeks as it turns out one of our tiny male … read more

Shannen the Alpaca

Join Farmer Kate as she checks in with our alpaca herd and follows Shannen and Blondie … read more

Blondie’s Poorly Eye

Our alpaca Blondie has an eye infection which means our farmers have to give her a … read more

Tube-Feeding A Lamb

Farmer Rob and Farmer Dave demonstrate how we tube feed a lamb when they need extra … read more

Our new goats

The saddest thing about us being locked down is that our visitors can’t see the new arrivals – but don’t worry Farmer Dale is on hand to show you them all.We’ve had … read more

Checking the sheep!

Farmer Dave has been borrowing Roger’s Ranger to see how it handles in the snow. Join us as he makes his rounds in our fields, checking on the sheep herd and making … read more

Millie and Primrose are moving

Millie and Primrose are moving out of their usual enclosure and are joining their pal Helen in with the alpacas. Farmer Alex talks all about why they are moving – and how … read more

Our triplets

We had a lovely surprise over the holidays – one of our Boer goats had triplets…but we soon realised all was not as usual with the babies. Join Farmer Dale and Farmer … read more

Shannen the Alpaca

Shannen our alpaca (named after a lovely lady) is really coming into her own now and has taken us all by surprise. Join Farmer Kate as she checks in on Blondie and … read more

Sydney the blue-tongued Skink

Farmer Kate and Sydney (the blue-tongued skink) check in from the reptile house with some information about why he’s different to a snake. He has eyelids for a start… Tune in to … read more

Introducing Brussel and Sprout

We had a lovely surprise this Christmas when one of our Swiss Valais ewes had twins. Sprout in particular is perfectly marked but is in need of some extra care because mum … read more

The Highland Cows

Our Highland cows are living their best lives at Cannon Hall Farm but join Farmer Ruth as she checks in with them. Ted is working towards his pedigree standard and Bonnie and … read more

The miniature donkeys

Our miniature donkey herd have been with us a few weeks now, so it is time we get to learn a little more about them. Join Farmer Darrell as he tells us … read more