Named after Grandpa Nicholson’s prize winning bull Sam, who enjoyed a pint in the beer tent after winning a prize at local shows, the newly refurbished and extended White Bull restaurant serves a range of hot and cold homemade food.

Keeping You Safe – COVID-19 UPDATE

Our restaurants open again on July 4 but here’s some useful information to help you plan your visit.

Booking is NOT required, staff will greet you outside The White Bull and will constantly monitor the queue at busy times.

Please sanitise your hands on entry and exit, avoid unnecessary contact with surfaces and objects.

You will be allocated a table, please take note of the table number as you will need to quote this as you place your order at the till.

To comply with the governments track and trace scheme, you will be required to provide your telephone number, email address or your home address at the till point. We will only keep your details for the required amount of time.

Some tables have been removed to enable us to adhere to social distancing. Unfortunately we can not allow the joining of tables and chairs.

Only ONE person from your table is allowed at the till point to place the order.

Condiments can be purchased at the till point and pre-packed cutlery will be provided.

All our card machines are contactless for payments £45 and under, we strongly advice you try to use this when possible.

Social distancing on tables in the White Bull