JCB work with Tom and Eddie

Farmers Tom and Eddie fill up our pregnant ewes molasses feeders a vital part of there pre-birth nutrition. It’s a two man job as requires some heavy lifting and JCB work – … read more

Our Volunteers Greenworks Plus

They are the unsung heroes of Cannon Hall Farm – so please join us in a celebration of our lovely friends from Greenworks Plus.These guys have been coming in for quite a … read more

Blondie’s Eye

Our alpaca Blondie has had a poorly eye – which has meant our farm team have had to work hard to administer daily treatment to ensure her vision isn’t permanently damaged. After … read more

Piggle the Soft Shell Turtle

Farmer Kate is back with another educational video all about Piggle, he’s one of the stars of our Reptile House and that’s just how he likes it. This is a super educational … read more

Preparing for lambing!

As lambing time fast approaches all of our efforts turn towards preparing for our busiest time of the year. Farmer Kate is here to tell us all about what needs to be … read more

Back to Dave’s Bar

It’s back to Dave’s Bar for Farmer Dave – but instead of whizzing up some snazzy drinks he has an urgent task in mind.He’s creating an electrolyte cocktail for our poorly lamb … read more

Time for a trim!

Our recently sheared Swiss Valais Sheep are in need of a barber, with such big horns it can be nearly impossible to shear the wool around there faces with electric shears. Thankfully … read more

A lovely surprise for our animals!

Our animals love nothing more than a sweet treat so when one of our local suppliers offered us some surplus fruit we jumped at the opportunity. Farmer Ruth is here to tell … read more

Catching up with two old pals!

Farmer Dale is here with an update on two of our friendliest faces! Stanley and Gloria the goats have spent much of winter inside sheltering from the cold, wet weather but with … read more