Silver’s Foal Joy

A MAGNIFICENT shire horse who lost her foal last year has gone from tragedy to triumph as she gave birth to a beautiful filly yesterday.

Shire horse Silver, who lives at Cannon Hall Farm, has waited 12 months to celebrate baby joy after the heart-break of losing more

Threatened Species Moves In!

THE SMALL mammals team at Cannon Hall Farm are celebrating after securing a new resident in the mammal house - a rare and threatened potoroo named Puffle.Long-nosed potoroos are the much smaller cousins of animals such as wallabies and kangaroos and are more

Live Your Best Life!

Follow the Facebook-famous farmers of Cannon Hall Farm as they spread cheer and news from the family farm. 

Join in on the positivity with our Living My Best Life tee-shirt, the slogan instantly recognisable from Farmer Robert's live broadcasts!

This design more

Welcome Dougal!

Cannon Hall Farm is proud to announce the arrival of Dougal, a beautiful pedigree Highland cow.

He is the first calf to be born to Emma, who came to the farm in calf from a championship herd in 2019.

Dougal has made many friends already and likes a good run around.

Swiss Valais Twins – Lambing During Lockdown!


We might not be broadcasting live but the work continues round the clock during lambing time.

Watch what happens when Farmer Robert comes across a Swiss Valais sheep lambing.

Where there’s a Will…

CANNON HALL FARM is celebrating the arrival of its newest rare animal with a tribute to a man who helped them on their way some 60 years ago.

The farm is attempting to increase the number of Shire Horses across the UK - and had shied away from breeding its mares more

Welcoming Grizzly Bear!

CANNON HALL FARM has welcomed one of its most rare new arrivals - Grizzly Bear.

The award-winning tourist attraction, in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, has stepped in to the breech to help improve numbers of a rare sheep, the Swiss Valais Blacknose (made famous more

An unseasonal surprise!

Our farmers were surprised by a new arrival last week - a gorgeous little lamb.

We usually lamb in February and April but we think a crafty Soay ram has snuck into the field and - as farmer Tom puts it - 'hit on' this ewe.It's a girl - and we'd love to hear your name suggestions!

Watch the video to see our lovely new bundle of joy.

Fern heads to Great Yorkshire Show

A BARNSLEY farm is hoping to bring back a gong for its hometown as it takes its most popular cow to an agricultural show for the very first time. Farmer David Nicholson - whose family run the award-winning visitor attraction Cannon Hall Farm - will be more