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Arnie the Ram’s Fertility Test

Earlier this year we invited Julian, The Yorkshire Vet to do a fertility test on our ram Arnie. It is the first time we’ve ever done such a procedure at the farm … read more


Animals and Farmers

Our porcupine Spike!

Our lovely new porcupine Spike is getting braver and braver – especially when he’s knows his favourite farmer is around. Tune in to join Farmer Darrell as he updates us on our … read more

Animals and Farmers

Jon Bon Pony and Farmer Robert

The start to the weekend you didn’t know you needed – Farmer Robert telling Jon Bon Pony that he gives love a bad name after we realised he’d mated all five females … read more

Animals and Farmers

An update on Alfie Alpaca!

Cuteness overload: your heart may just burst when watching the two best pals Farmer Tom and Alfie the Alpaca. It’s been two months since Alfie made his surprise arrival, and since then … read more

Animals and Farmers

Bedding down the heavy horses

The work on our farm doesn’t stop once the customers have left. It continues well into the evening as we make sure our animals are all settled down for the evening. Join … read more

Cannon Hall Farm TV

Cannon Hall Farm TV – LIVE broadcast

Join Farmer Robert, Farmer Roger and all the familiar faces from Cannon Hall Farm as they provide an update on life on the family farm. In this show, we talk about how … read more

News and Events

Pumpkin Festival and Wizardry School – Cannon Hall Farm

Our pumpkin festival and wizardry school is coming up soon!

News and Events

Pumpkin carving contest!

Farmer Robert in the blue corner – Farmer David in the red corner. Who will win our very first pumpkin carving competition to kick off our annual pumpkin festival for 2019 at … read more

Animals and Farmers, Cannon Hall Farm TV

Cannon Hall Farm TV – Episode 1

Join your favourite Cannon Hall Farm farmers on our new Friday night TV show which will premier online on Facebook, our website, and on Youtube at 8pm every Friday night. Subscribe to … read more