Farmer John's Guest Spot

Don't forget tomorrow is our celebratory lockdown broadcast from the farm – so tune in at 7.30am as we go LIVE with a very special guest providing some musical tributes again (thanks Farmer John).Farmer Robert will be back on Saturday from his holiday with two special guests to mark the end of a huge 132 consecutive day effort.And the farm will be back with TWO extra live broadcasts a week for supporters (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and TWO main page live broadcasts a week (on Fridays and Sundays) We will be posting our full schedule soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Posted by Cannon Hall Farm on Thursday, July 30, 2020

A MUSICAL tribute will be played as a farm praised by the Prime Minister for keeping up the nation’s spirits during lockdown ends its daily live broadcasts – after 132 consecutive days.

Cannon Hall Farm in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, started broadcasting at the very start of the lockdown in March and has broadcast cheery updates from the family farm every single day since. It was such a Herculean effort that it was commended by the Prime Minister who granted brothers Robert and David Nicholson a Commonwealth Points of Light award for keeping the nation’s spirits up. 

But the final daily broadcast will happen on August 1 – with a special musical tribute led by one of the farmers John Hopkinson, from Tankersley.
Robert Nicholson, whose family opened the farm up as a visitor attraction in 1989, said:“We are absolutely honoured that so many people have tuned in. We would have never expected that we would be broadcasting live to thousands of people a day all across the world – and we’ve had so many lovely letters and emails from people saying how watching our broadcasts has helped them through this tough time.”

Younger brother David added: “We want people to know that we will never forget the support they have given us at this time – it has kept us going as well. And we will be continuing the lives twice a week to make sure we keep in touch with everyone.”The live broadcasts will continue on Fridays and Sundays at 7.30am.