AN EXOTIC breed of animal – fondly known as a gllama – has had a baby at Cannon Hall Farm.

Philippa the goat has been having an identity crisis for years and is convinced she’s a llama – so the farm have named her an honorary new breed of ‘gllama’ and have allowed her to run with the rest of the pack.

She has lived at the farm for quite a few years but whenever she was put back in with the goats she’d make her escape to join her llama friends.

Farmer Robert Nicholson, whose family opened Cannon Hall Farm to the public in 1989 – said: “She would always find a way to get to them and eventually we realised that she really does think she’s a llama so we let her stay with them. She’s absolutely tiny in comparison and barely comes up to their knees but they love her as much as she loves them. It would have been wrong to separate them – so we made sure to time her birth very carefully with Llama Mia so they could be birthing partners together.”

Philippa was with Llama Mia when she gave birth to her baby Spindles, and Philippa stayed with them when she had her own baby last week.

The foursome are all living happily together in the rare breeds barn at Cannon Hall Farm.