A BARNSLEY tourism attraction has invested £1million into replacing two of its biggest playgrounds – in a bid to become more accessible for visitors.

Cannon Hall Farm, in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, kept its beloved and iconic tower slides, but has pulled down all the other surrounding play areas and replaced them with a fresh, new look. 

The new play areas have a firm focus on being more accessible for children with additional needs, and were designed by expert equipment manufacturer Playdale with inclusive and accessible elements to allow children with all abilities to play together. 

There are wheelchair ramps on lower levels, wide slides, a fully accessible roundabout plus reaction play panels and electrical musical panels.

The playground surface is constructed with bonded rubber mulch, which allows unrestricted movement for wheelchair and pushchair users in the play areas and is a vast improvement to the bark, which was previously used. 

Robert Nicholson, farm director, said: “We have absolutely tried our best as a company to make our playgrounds more inclusive – and we have had some really wonderful feedback from families who have already been to experience it. 

“We think our new playground is a fantastic first step and a significant improvement to what was there before – and our next big project is to build a changing places toilet, which will be coming online hopefully in time for the six-week holidays.”

The final redevelopment marks the end of a three year improvement project for the farm’s outdoor playgrounds, which have now been entirely replaced. The farm will be investing in overhauling its indoor soft play area in June. 

Cannon Hall Farm is a family run tourism attraction in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and opened to the public in 1989.