What happened when Channel 5 sent farming brothers Rob and Dave Nicholson on the road trip of a lifetime?

Rob and Dave’s Big Texas Rodeo – that’s what!

They’re visiting the self-proclaimed home of the cowboy, Texas, where bigger is better and the cow is king.

Whilst they’re in the Lone Star state the boys will be learning some traditional wild west skills such as lassoing and horseback pistol shooting, as well as witnessing a modern-day cattle drive and eating their dinner from an authentic 1890 chuck wagon.

Along the way they’ll try their hands at being livestock auctioneers, give line dancing a go and attempt to polish off one of the biggest steaks in Texas. 

They’ll also be visiting the world’s longest continuously running livestock show and rodeo, before holding onto their cowboy hats as they try to ride a mechanical bull themselves.

Make sure to tune in on Channel 5, 9pm, April 19 and 26 (Tuesdays.)

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